A stimulant drug will increase blood pressure and heart rate, which over time can damage major body systems. A depressant drug slows down the body function, which can result in oxygen deprivation and cause irreversible damage to vital organs such as the heart, brain, liver and kidneys. Or watch section; all personnel within specified pay grades; all newly reporting personnel as they report above; or all personnel who surrender are apprehended after an unauthorized absence. Unit sweeps or subunit urinalysis inspection should not be conducted as a means to smear a specific Sailor. Commanding Officers may initiate administrative actions such as discharge, removal from flying, Personal Reliability Program, restricted area badges, etc.

Bland was also quite right to end his story with a satellite snap of Morris Village’s lakefront layout. That’s what The State‘s David Travis Bland asked himself after a sudden Twitter surge sparked some intriguing calls to his newspaper. Seems Alcohol and Drug Abuse Lake’s got its own Wikipedia page. It also seems folks weren’t entirely sold on that page’s veracity. So they’d begun contacting The State in order to find out what’s what. Since Bland’s “a crime and public safety reporter with a storytelling mission” (thanks Muck Rack!), it seemed only natural that he’d be tasked with the rundown.

The problems caused by substance abuse have reached epidemic proportions, creating overwhelming pain, suffering, and expense for individuals, their families, and employers. Anyone suffering with the problem of substance abuse is strongly encouraged to seek assistance from the services provided through the College or from local community agencies. The College is required to give each employee a written statement of our policy concerning drug and alcohol use in the workplace and specify the actions that will be taken against employees for violation of such prohibition. A Command can refer a Sailor by directly contacting the local SARP office and asking for an evaluation. If the Commanding Officer elects to prefer charges for suspected drug abuse, this must be done prior to the referral . However, if the command is concerned about the psychological health of the Sailor he or she should have the Sailor evaluated for suicidal or homicidal ideation through a Command Directed Evaluation at Mental Health.

  • The EAP offers free confidential and professional services to employees to assist them with problems related to individual, family, work and alcohol or chemical dependency.
  • Substance abuse/misuse problems adversely impact military readiness and the mission.
  • That’s what The State‘s David Travis Bland asked himself after a sudden Twitter surge sparked some intriguing calls to his newspaper.
  • The “Use it and Lose it” Zero Tolerance Law regarding underage drinking went into effect in Illinois on January 1, 1995.
  • See the state, South Carolina, has a capital, Columbia, that was purposely built in its geographic center.
  • To ensure every Sailor receives proper substance abuse prevention awareness training per OPNAVINST 5350.4D.

Spend some time searching the officialfederal database of geographic landmarks (we’re not actually encouraging you to do this) and you’re bound to come across some delightfully colorful names. Used when the Commanding Officer has probable cause to suspect a Sailor has ingested drugs, is intoxicated, or has been involved in a drug related offense. Commanding Officer’s are not required to give Article 31, UCMJ rights prior to asking for consent, however, evidence that a Sailor was read these rights may be used to help demonstrate the Sailor’s consent was voluntary.


Commanding Officers who suspect problem drinking must refer Sailors to SARP via their DAPA. To assess the Sailor’s suitability for continued military service after treatment. To observe and document the performance and conduct of subordinates with https://sober-home.org/ known alcohol problems, and direct the immediate supervisors to do the same. Substance abuse/misuse problems adversely impact military readiness and the mission. You can add this page to Bookmarks by pressing the Ctrl key & d key at the same time.

alchol and drug abuse lake

Additional support from base helping agencies may be essential during the often lengthy period of investigation and legal or administrative proceedings. Sailor may self refer as a drug user prior to being selected to participate in urinalysis testing (i.e. random testing, voluntary consent testing, probable cause, and command directed testing). A lot of folks consider Alcohol and Drug Abuse Lake to be its real name too. Visit our Crisis & Community Resources page for more information on services, agencies and programs to help overcome drug and alcohol issues as well as other personal concerns. Illicit drugs, alcohol, and tobacco impact the user as well as others though job performance, socialization, and family life.

Fishing spots near Alcohol and Drug Abuse Lake

The New Mexico reservoir is the only geographic location on the database that explicitly references marijuana. The entry was logged in 1980, but the reservoir has apparently run dry (metaphor?) since then based on satellite imagery. Surface area93.2 acres Surface elevation318 feet Village Lake, previously named Alcohol and Drug Abuse Lake, is a reservoir in Richland County, South Carolina, United States. The 93.2-acre lake is on a tributary of the Crane Creek River.

Healing Properties wholeheartedly thanks The State‘s David Travis Bland for putting us on to such great good story; we’d also like to salute him for so deftly telling the tale. Salutations too to Tracy LaPointe and everyone at the South Carolina Department of Mental Health for so devotedly helping the citizens of their state. We especially salute the folks at Morris Village; whether resident or staff, our very best wishes are with you all.

alchol and drug abuse lake

In fact, the Corps used just that name to list the “reservoir” in the USGS’s database of water features. A USGS spokesperson told Bland the name came from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ “Dams and Reservoirs list.” That side of the origin story ran cold from there. To begin with, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Lake is indeed a real place.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Lake is a reservoir in Richland County, South Carolina, United States.

Actions that violate the Student Code of Conduct will result in appropriate disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the College as described in the Code. As a requirement of the Federal Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Regulations , Lake Land College is to disseminate the below policy/information to all students, staff and faculty on an annual basis. This process is formally conducted through collaboration between the offices of Human Resources and the Vice President for Student Services. Questions concerning this information can be addressed to either of those offices or the office identified throughout the information. Random urinalysis of Naval personnel is accomplished on randomly selected days using the NDSP, a DoD certified computer program. Each command will sample a minimum of 15 percent of its assigned personnel monthly with a minimum of 4 collections per month.

Prior to asking the Sailor if he or she will consent to a urinalysis the Command representative should advise the Sailor that they may decline to provide a sample. Consent should be obtained in writing but is not required. Due to the randomness of the computer selection process some Sailors may be selected to provide a sample more times than others.

Alcohol is a depressant which slows body systems and sometimes causes aggressive and argumentative behavior. Over indulging in the use of alcohol can result in short term effects such as headache, nausea, and vomiting. The long term effects of alcohol consumption can include deterioration of vital body organs such as the heart, brain, liver, and stomach as well as such emotional issues as depression, change in personality and memory loss. A command may conduct unit sweeps, although no longer mandated to and can conduct 5 command sweeps without approval from higher authority. Results may be used for UCMJ action, characterization of discharge, and administrative action. Results may be used for UCMJ action, characterization of discharge and administrative action.

Set all that aside a picture-perfect body of water and you’ve got a healing, helping place, no matter the name of its lake. Use of illicit drugs automatically places the Sailor’s continuation of military service in jeopardy and may result in a punitive discharge, administrative actions including separation from military service, and UCMJ charges. On July 6th, 2018, Angell tweeted a link to an article written on his website that talked about the origin of the lake’s name, noting its proximity to a nearby drug and alcohol abuse treatment center. Lake Land College is committed to developing and maintaining an environment for students, employees and college community that embraces and actively supports diversity, equity and inclusion. We aspire to be an institution where the quality of education and work environment are enhanced and enriched by an inclusive campus community that encourages multiple perspectives and the free exchange of ideas.


Refer all suspected substance abusers and Sailors who incur an alcohol related incident to SARP via their DAPA, per OPNAVINST 5350.4D. To ensure every Sailor receives proper substance abuse prevention awareness training per OPNAVINST 5350.4D. To provide comprehensive education and treatment to individuals who experience problems attributed to substance abuse. Command directed drug testing is appropriate when the Sailor displays aberrant, bizarre or unlawful behavior.

It was first mentioned on Twitter as early as November 2015 but received the most amount of attention in April 2021 across Twitter and Reddit where it was used as an exploitable image macro in memes. But it’s mildly interesting, and sometimes we need a little levity in our lives, so we figured we’d share some more of our personal favorites. If you’ve got a unique insight, or fun theory, about these names or their origins, let us know.


To direct blood alcohol and drug testing, as appropriate. To promote readiness, health, and wellness through the prevention and the treatment of substance abuse. The Department also owns Morris Village, which is run by its Division of Inpatient Services. See, Morris Village is officially named The Morris Village Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Center. And it’s been offering adult inpatient addiction treatment services since way back in 1975. Under this law, employees must abide by the terms of this policy and notify us of any criminal drug statute conviction for a violation which occurs in our workplace no later than five days after the conviction.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Lake Quick Facts

Serious legal and health concerns make these problems an important issue. The Navy maintains a zero tolerance for drug use and Sailors using illicit drugs are typically eco sober house ma separated. The Commanding Officer is responsible for supporting medical assessment, stabilization and possibly treatment prior to and during the separation process.

See the state, South Carolina, has a capital, Columbia, that was purposely built in its geographic center. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Lake is around 10 miles outside of downtown. It’s also important to note that the article was inspired by a Reddit post about the lake posted to the subreddit /r/todayilearned on February 7th, 2018. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Lake refers to a real reservoir in Richland County, South Carolina.

On June 9, 2022, the lake was officially renamed to Village Lake. Because of its location, it is fenced and not open to the public. Lake Land College has a firm commitment to provide its students and employees a healthy and safe learning and working environment. A recent TIL thread on Reddit elicited similar interest, but no clear answers. Lake Land College Board Policy 11.07 – Drug-Free Workplace provides information regarding standards of conduct expected for employees related to alcohol and drugs in the workplace. Employees who violate any aspect of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including discharge and referral for prosecution.

Lake Land College provides information and referral services about alcohol and drug abuse for students and employees. Information about the effects of alcohol and drugs is available in Health Services. Health Services and Counseling Services are available to help students and staff obtain assistance from on and off campus agencies. Additional information about alcohol and drug abuse prevention programs and activities can be obtained from Health Services. The lake is believed to be named after a place called Morris Village, a nearby residential treatment center for people with substance dependence. Before 2022, its owner, the South Carolina Department of Mental Health, used the name “the pond at Morris Village”, sometimes “Morris Village Pond” or the “Village Lake”.

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