But what happens when you don’t sort of develop those skills to navigate interpersonal, not only relationships, but also interpersonal conflict? Then perhaps alcohol plays a role, as not only a social lubricant, but, again, it’s an attempt to self-soothe, manage anxiety, self-medicate. I am not totally sober, but I go through periods of my life where I’m not drinking or I go to events and I choose not to drink. From that point on, everything began to change for Rzadkowolska. Her alcohol-free life inspired her to start a company and write a book that would help other sober-curious people take charge of their lives. Another way to reduce your alcohol intake is to attend events and gatherings that don’t involve drinking.

Will help you make a practice out of shifting your mindset to empower wherever you are in your sobriety journey. I know it’s important for some to identify with a type of drinker before they either do something about their drinking, or not.

Two main groups of people will reap the benefits of Sober Happy Hour:

Planning for dinking begins to feel like work and therefore a problem. I’m currently working on my TEDx Talk coming up in Jan. That means I’ve been doing more research to refresh the role that casual drinking plays in our lives.

  • This means that people have a tendency to skew information to match what they want to hear.
  • Oxytocin calms the stress response, and there’s evidence it curbs the urge to stress drink, according to a review in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.
  • But among the factors that are within our control, like diet and lifestyle choices, drinking alcohol may have a profound impact on our chances of developing cancer.
  • Above all else, we respect the fact that your relationship with alcohol is an individual path.
  • “The longer I am sober, the less patience I have with being a 24-hour woman — the stranger who tells me to smile.

The person who drinks casually, who has never once mentioned it being a problem out loud but who thinks about it constantly. Strangers, for years, have reached out telling me that that one sentence I said, that one chapter, or that one post help put them on a path. It’s why I get up every morning and write https://ecosoberhouse.com/ about this stuff. It’s why I put myself through the agony of being seen and heard. As an anxious person, being vulnerable can be terrifying. During a phase of my childhood I can remember my dad making this drink in our dining room. It was from a mushroom and it had to ferment for a long period of time.

Self-Care, According to a Black Queer Social Justice Advocate

We can’t go back, but we can change how we experience life going forward, and in my experience, alcohol + anxiety are a debilitating combination. If you are putting off taking a break or ultimately quitting drinking, remember you are not alone.

  • We all experience alcohol-free differently, but there are so many similarities in the benefits.
  • I thought that because I did a 4 hour bike ride or ate clean I could make progress towards my mediocre amateur endurance athletic pursuits.
  • Alcohol-Free Lifestyle is for high performers including entrepreneurs, executives, investors, athletes and top professionals.
  • A few days of not drinking went by and I wanted to go to sleep and wake up 5 years sober.
  • One of the most obvious is that you no longer have to worry about drinking in order to have a good time at social events.
  • After I went alcohol-free, I became in full control of my thoughts, my feelings, and my body.

But if drinking is causing any kind of negative feelings, hangovers, regret, additional stress, etc. then it’s a problem and it’s perfectly okay to claim it as such. It doesn’t mean that you must call yourself an alcoholic. Hell, it doesn’t even mean that you must become sober at once.

This Naked Mind Companion App

Drinking also slows your reaction times, coordination, and information processing, and the impact intensifies with aging. We’re drinking now more than ever and this isn’t shocking to me. To the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholismanalysis, alcohol free lifestyle excessive drinking accounts for one in 10 deaths among approximately every year U.S. adults aged 20–۶۴ years. Let’s get into some of the facts about women and drinking. It goes to show that no matter what our age, we still want to fit in.

  • My drinking was always more important than the potential negatives it could bring.
  • Furthermore, after about a month of not drinking, abstainers are less irritable and less prone to feeling anxious.
  • Reduc­ing the amount of alco­hol you drink can help keep your brain func­tion healthy and your mem­o­ry sharp.
  • As a sober person though, my capacity is endless.
  • Drinking and driving put you at a higher risk of traffic accidents and related problems than younger people, even at moderate amounts.

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